BDWEST Table Tennis Tournament 2020

BDWEST organised their first Table Tennis (TT) tournament on 22 December 2020 with twenty enthusiastic table tennis lovers. Due to ongoing demand and popularity this tournament had to completed in two categories – Singles and doubles. After three weeks of competitive matches, we have concluded this event which resulted in: Doubles Match Champion: -Dr. Omar […]

Sport Australia resource helps clubs lift their game

A new Sport Australia resource will help local sporting clubs and organisations across Australia not just survive the COVID-19 pandemic but return even bigger and better. Sport Australia’s Game Plan is an online diagnostic tool that volunteers and club administrators can use to improve how they operate and replaces Club Health Check. “We know sporting […]

Gender equality in sport needs to start at the clubhouse

Increasing participation alone isn’t enough to shift traditional gender relations in sports that have traditionally privileged men, a new study led by Monash University and Victoria University shows. The study found women and girls felt devalued within sports clubs through ongoing micro-practices including difficulties gaining access to quality facilities, poorer training times, less recognition on […]

Muscle cramps and how to reduce your risk

By Andrew Hall, AccSD. A muscle cramp is a sudden, involuntary, painful contraction of a muscle. These symptoms typically ease off within minutes but are often accompanied by a palpable knotting of the muscle. Muscle cramps generally occur in the site most directly involved in the exercise task (most commonly the calf muscle, but they can […]

Top sports scientists and dietitians on nutrition in the heat

A team of Australia’s top sports scientists, medical doctors and dietitians have collaborated to bring together the science behind exercising in hot conditions, and what that means from a nutritional perspective.  Presenters at the Sports Dietitians Australia (SDA) 2019 biennial conference have pooled their knowledge into a single, comprehensive guide – the Sports Dietitians Australia […]

Organisations team up to bring society back to sport

Sport Australia and Volunteering Australia have joined forces to help tackle one of the most pressing challenges facing the sports industry during the pandemic – the future of its volunteers. The two peak industry bodies have entered a formal partnership to further develop their co-operation in the field and explore new ways to promote and […]