Our club is growing and you may be part of it

A number of activities are currently under development and will be available to members when all necessary arrangements are in place. To assist us in this endeavour we invite expressions of interest in any of the activities below so that we can gauge demand and plan accordingly.


A team sport that’s fast paced and a worthy workout. Speed and agility will make you an in-demand player but even the more sedentary among us can join and contribute to the team


If the yellow ball is your preference come and join our team or form one of your own: male, female or mixed. The action happens every month at various venues and like all BD West activities there’s a camaraderie that extends beyond the game.


Play individually or with a team mate. Tennis is high paced racket and ball sport that can be played at any level.

Table Tennis

Similar to other sports, table Tennis offers great social interaction, aerobic exercise and mind-body stimulation and the overall risk for injury is low compared to other sports. We are open to both competitive and recreational players of all skill levels.


Messing about in boats puts you in touch with nature on the waterways of WA. Hire a Kayak or bring your own. It’s an activity for the experienced paddler or novice with planned routes that can be tackled at your own pace.

Natural Rambling

We have researched many of WA’s nature walks to fill your lungs with fresh country air with views that take your breath away. Walking with friends at leisurely pace will allow you to observe or commune with nature, share quality time with friends and make new ones.

Recreational Cycling

Cycling is both healthy and fun in equal measure. A weight supported exercise puts less stress on the body and the open road puts fresh air in the lungs. Riding with a group adds an extra element of enjoyment during the ride and of course there’s good company afterwards over a coffee.

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